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About Us

Devyn & Morgan Overton - Overton Family Jewels -


Welcome to Overton Family Jewels!

We are Morgan and Devyn Overton, and we are excited to share our shared passion with you! 

Morgan has been studying and collecting crystals her entire life & Devyn is a GIA Certified Gemologist. 

Together, we travel the world to hand select every piece for our collection, and we pride ourselves on presenting the best quality we can find.

We started OFJ out of shared interest, and we are passionate about staying educated. We know that our niche industry supports small mining communities all over the world, and we understand the emotional impact our crystals can have on people metaphysically and spiritually.

Our connections and relationships with our mining partners is something that sets us apart from everyone else. Because we have a personal relationship with the mines and manufacturers, we know exactly where our products come from.

We also spend a lot of time and energy testing, verifying and pricing our crystals to make sure we are giving the best value. If you can imagine a mini gem laboratory in our studio that has all the tools to make this possible. 

You will hear us use the phrase “Good Energy” a lot. It really sums up what we are trying to accomplish with OFJ. Our goal is to spread Good Energy to as many people that will accept it. That’s why we try to create an ethical and safe place that everyone is welcome to join.

If you have questions about what we do and what we sell, please reach out to us on FB, IG and TikTok @OvertonFamilyJewels. 


-Devyn & Morgan